Under Construction

Under Construction

Welcome back to my blog!

I am currently reinventing my blog to reflect a new journey – the road to reinvention.  This year I will be examining what I have done, what I am doing and what I want to do.

My word of the year is Freedom.  Freedom from what you may ask.  That is a complex question with many layers that will unfold as I explore the road before me.

If you choose to follow me on the journey, welcome aboard.  If you choose not to follow along, I get it.  My personal journey may not be that interesting to you.

Mary Sue


7 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Yes, of course, I want to follow the adventures and other happenings involving my good friend Mary Sue!! Love, Arlene

      1. Todd and I saw Judy and Cliff Hardy @ the movies, and Judy asked about you. We have a dinner coming up with Ellie and Bill Muhleck. Ellie is retired/on to other adventures. We miss you!! Love, “R”

      2. Hi Arlene,

        My big goal this year it to make a life here. I have been in Lex a year and miss my friends. But if I am going to stay, I need to develop freinds and activities here.

        Say hello to everyone for me.

        Mary Sue

      3. Of course, you can do that–not a doubt about it!! We’re always reinventing ourselves. Things don’t stay the same for long. I may be doing some volunteer work with an organization that helps people find jobs–I’m looking to make some changes also.

  2. Mary Sue,

    Wish you nothing but the best. I hope we get an opportunity to work together in the future. Best of luck.

    Continued Success

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