Congratulations, It’s A Girl!

Motherhood came late to me.  At 60 it would be a miracle in every sense if it happened in the usual way.   Juli is a 15-year old Youth for Understanding exchange student from Germany.  She is sweet, responsible and very mature.  I would not have been able to leave my home country for an extended period of time at fifteen.  I was 58 when I went into the Peace Corps with the idea of being gone for twenty-six months.  We all know how that didn’t work out.

Juli will be with me until June 23rd.  During that time I’ll be taking her to school and picking her up, making sure she is fed, warm and feels loved.  When not in school she is on a swim team that practices six days a week, she’s making plans for prom and doing all the things your typical fifteen year old should be doing.

I hope to be able to show her some of the local attractions, enhance her experience in the United States and maybe take her on a side trip or two.

Welcome home Juli!


11 thoughts on “Congratulations, It’s A Girl!

  1. Congratulations, I’m happy to hear she will remain with you for the rest of her exchange year. She’s a lucky girl and what fun for you. You forgot to mention that she is part of the Youth For Understanding Intercultural Exchange Program! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful think to do, May Sue!! Good for you!! I hope that you and Juli develop the kind of relationship that you are hoping for, and that having her in your life will be an enriching experience. Love, Arlene

  3. A whole different kind of adventure Mary Sue. Perhaps you’ll escape all the typical 15 year old teen drama. Although, you’d probably have better stories after WITH the drama.

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