Exit Stage Left

Exit Stage Left

I walked out from behind the curtain, found my mark on stage and delivered my line.  As I turned to take my exit, the audience broke out in laughter.  I was paralyzed. It was the first time performing for a live audience.  I wasn’t prepared for their reaction.

I played the maid in George Washington Slept Here, the basis for the television show Green Acres.  I was comic relief inside a comedy.

Summer Theater was a six credit course at Central Michigan University.  Two directors were staging three productions.  They required every student to work on two shows.  We submitted our credits and read some lines.

I loved my backstage experiences, making sets, sewing costumes, calling light cues from the booth, and changing sets between scenes.  I had no desire to perform on stage.

stage 2

Assignments were posted on the bulletin board.  Stage Manager for Our Town, that makes sense.  (Jeff Daniels played the lead.)  But my name next to a stage role, surely it was a mistake.  My eyes flew open, I held my breath.  Dr. Smith, the Director, can fix this, he must fix this.  I begged, pleaded, bargained.  It was not optional.  He wanted me for that role.

In George Washington Slept Here I had maybe two lines.  No big deal, until the audience reacted.  I knew then, for certain, that the theater was not calling to me.  It was my first last and only acting experience, or was it.

In my career(s) as a trainer, consultant, yoga teacher, fundraiser, and community development speaker I put myself in front of one audience after another for decades.  It may not qualify as acting, but I was most certainly always performing a role.

stage 3



One thought on “Exit Stage Left

  1. Hey MS

    Got your message. I was in Mexico when you called. Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about coming to FL and gathering our things. Life has been a bit crazy (as per usual) and I haven’t yet got it all figured out.

    Mom and I are moving temporally into an apartment until I figure out what our next move is. Wendy is really sick and needs support so I can’t leave just yet.

    Really enjoying your blog. You are a terrific writer. I’ve been taking a children’s writing class through the University of SO CA and it’s been a great deal of fun. Submitted my first short story last week. I’m sure I’ll hear back to not quit my day job but that’s okay. I’m loving the distraction writing gives me.

    Hope all is well with you and I very much hope I’ll be seeing you soon!


    Linda A Welch Business Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional Certified Solar Associate

    Still using ICKY, BROWN energy? That is so last century! Come clean, go green and help heal the planet. Let’s talk SOLAR and GREEN ENERGY! (240) 778-5618

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