My last post was about adoption.  This post will share my observations about adapting.  When I left home in June, I wasn’t sure how long I would be gone.  Hence, this post is in the fearless category.

Over a span of fourteen weeks I stayed in six different homes with family and friends.  I tried to adapt to my environment and not be a bother.  Not sure it always worked 100%.

If only I was working on a thesis of some sort; my Summer Sojourn would provide a good social experiment.  Here are some of my observations.

  • Eating habits: Every household has its own pattern.  Some people eat meat from all varieties of animals.  Some people eat no animal protein.  Some people eat fish on occasion but never cook it.  Some people snack healthy, some not so much.
  • Sleeping habits: Some are early to bed and early to rise; others are night owls and sleep later in the morning.
  • Pets: Three out of six homes I stayed in have a dog.  Two of the other three had a dog within the past few years; one had a cat a long time ago.  Dogs rule evidently.


  • Tolerance: Most are good for a short stay (2-4 days), one is like a second home.  You know who you are, Peggy.
  • Welcoming: All seemed happy to see me arrive.  Some were happier than others to see me go.
  • Routine: Some took time out of their routine to entertain me, which was nice but not necessary.
  • Inclusion: Some invited me to join them in their activities, again, nice to have the option.
  • Change: Most people can change for a short period of time but eventually revert back to their comfort zone.  Most people do not embrace BIG change. It can be scary.
  • Energy: Each home has its own energy, a reflection of the combined energy of the people who live there.
  • Communication: Specifically between married couples – very different from one house to the next.  I suspect having another person around was cause for some changes to their pattern of communication.


  • Television:  One household prefers radio, turning on the TV only for the Olympics.  One household records lots of shows and watches them via DVR, sans the commercials.  All of the others were somewhere in between.
  • Exercise:  All over the board on this one.  Some make very regular trips to the gym.  Some work exercise into their day via counting steps, walking the dog, etc.  Others, not so much.
  • Stuff:  Everybody has more stuff than me (something I work at).  Some are more organized about it than others.
  • Pastimes:  Everybody has their own preferences on how they spend their free time.  Here are a few pastimes I observed:  reading, playing games, cooking, going to the movies, gardening, caregiver for older or younger family members, and going to the lake/beach.

As for me:  I’m home now adapting to this environment, still trying to figure out where everything is.  That’s when you know you have been gone long enough to shake up your routine.

Come on down  to Florida and test my adaptability when you are in my environment.


P.S.(I am way behind on my goal to post 50 blogs this year.  So I am adapting my schedule to post more than once a week.)


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