Table for Two – Chapter 3

Table for Two – Chapter 3

T-Squared Energy Connections[i]

June 15, 1967 – Recipe for Love

“One year. Can you believe I’ve been working with Hart County Planning Commission for a whole year now?” Gladys said to Jerry as they clinked coffee mugs at Table for Two. “Time sure does fly.”

“Happy anniversary. They say the first year at a new job is the hardest,” Jerry said before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Days in the office working on budgeting is not my favorite thing, but I love assessing community needs and designing improvements. Next week at our annual strategic planning retreat I’m introducing my ideas for developing a park on the river. Mayor Jerry approves my design, don’t you? I tested the concept with Aunt Irma and some of her friends to listen to their perspective. Sadie and Lucy Abrams, the owners of Table for Two, gave me a younger point of view.”

“Best of luck! After your idea is accepted, the budget will need approval on the ballot in August. I’m presenting enhancements to Main Street. Let’s hope the tax payers support both projects.”

Sadie walked out to the table to refill their coffee.

“Lucy and I are testing a new recipe. The two of you are such regulars, would you mind tasting one and giving me your opinion?”

Lucy set one extra-large peach muffin in the center of the table. She winked at Jerry and went back inside the restaurant. Jerry lifted the top off, put it to one side and reached in to pulled out a ring box.

“Fourteen months ago we met at this table. We’ve spent many an hour here celebrating milestones, working through disagreements, sharing sorrowful moments and laughing at ourselves.”

Jerry got down on one knee, “Gladys Margaret Stanhope, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Sadie, Lucy and Irma waited for the scene to unfold.  Watching from the other side of the restaurant window, fingers crossed, the three bounced up and down with excitement.

Tears in her eyes, head nodding, Gladys said “Yes, Gerald Maxwell Taylor. I will marry you.”

Sadie and Lucy ran outside with balloons, a bottle of champagne and five flutes. Irma followed them out to the street.

Jerry slipped the ring on Gladys’ finger.

“Main Street may not be the most romantic place for a proposal, but this street and this table for two are an important part of our lives.”

“It’s perfect Jerry. Were you all in on this?” Gladys said, pointing to the three ladies.

Lucy smiled and rubbed her hands together. “Jerry came by yesterday with a special order. Someone needed to make a pastry gigantic enough to hide the box.”

“How long have you known, Aunt Irma?”

“I helped Jerry shop for the ring. He made the final decision. Looks like he went with elegant and simple. Excellent choice.”

Sadie popped the cork and poured the champagne.

Jerry raised his glass, “To Gladys. I crave your presence. I thirst for your love. Your spirit feeds my soul. Every time our lips touch, I taste the next sixty years of my life. May the feast of our love continue to nourish and sustain our connection at a table for two.”


[i] T-Squared – In astrological charts the t-square configuration is a dynamic pattern that links and inter-locks energies. It can be seen in the major events, challenges, and themes that are encountered in life.


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