Table for Two: Chapter 6

Table for Two: Chapter 6

T-Squared Energy Connections[i]

August 9, 1969 – A Matter of Degrees

“Good morning Sara. You’re in mighty early for a Saturday. What’s up?”

“I could say the same for you Sadie. Stuart and I are going riding at Gramps’ farm this morning. We want to start early; the temperature is supposed to go to ninety-four degrees. Horses don’t do well in extreme heat. My mission at Table for Two is coffee and scones. What’s your excuse for being here so early?”

“Lucy usually opens. Today she is shopping for a work wardrobe. Her new job starts in two weeks. I’m not sure why clothes matter. She’ll be wearing a lab coat most of the time.”

“Which offer did she take? Last time we spoke she was still weighing her options.”

“Lucy decided to use her degree to develop better drugs instead of better gas. She accepted the job with the pharmaceutical company. She’ll be able to commute, live at home for a year or two, save some money, and help out at the restaurant.”

“With both of you working full-time, what will happen to Table for Two?”

“My office is down the block so I can keep an eye on things. Carol will take over as manager. She’s been with us since we started two years ago and knows the business inside and out. Two part-time college students spent the summer training and will stay. Carol may need to hire another part-timer to help with catering jobs. We’re also working with community college culinary arts students. Real-life experience is the best teacher.”

chapter-6-scone“Here are your coffees. Which scones would you like?”

“Blueberry for Stuart and chocolate for me. How’s your job with the city? You’re in budgeting and financial reporting, right?”

“Yup. Good thing I like numbers. I’m using my accounting degree, learning a lot and meeting people from a variety of businesses. I like the regular hours, which gives me time to keep tabs on this place and work on my MBA.”

Dad loves to ask, “How many degrees does it takes to make a scone?”

My answer, “Four hundred degrees for twenty minutes.”

“Enjoy those scones. Good to see you Sara. Give my best to Stuart.”

“Will do. Congratulations to Lucy. I hope she develops a new drug that saves the world.”

* * *

“Chocolate for breakfast Sara?”

“Chocolate for every meal, if I had my way, Stuart.”

“When do you leave for Germany?”

“Not till mid-September. Equine assisted therapy classes start on the twenty-second. I can’t wait to be on my own. Mom and dad are worried. They hover more than usual.  They never want to let me out of their sight. Mom’s flying over with me, to help me ‘get settled’. Both of my parents plan to visit Thanksgiving week and I’ll fly home for Christmas break. When do you leave for U of M?”

“Next week. I’ll be sharing a house with five other grad students. We’re all in one medical school department or another. Two of my new roommates moved in earlier this month. Should be interesting.”

“How cold is Ann Arbor in winter? Are you ready to walk to class in eighteen-degree weather with snow up to you knees or higher? Will you learn to snow ski?”

“Slow down. Winter will be a shock to my system, no doubt. Skiing? Maybe. How about you? What is winter like in Germany?”

“About the same as Michigan or a little warmer. My dorm is near the stable on the horse farm and classes are held on the property. Little walking is involved.”

“What if I go all the way to Germany and can’t do this?”

chapter-6-degrees-5“Focus on your accomplishments. I remember visiting you in the hospital when we were kids. Doctors said you might not walk again. You never believed polio would keep you down. What did you tell yourself as you learned how to walk again?”

“One step at a time.”

“Here you are walking, riding, going to Europe. You can do this, Sara.”

“I don’t want to disappoint my parents, Grams and Gramps, or you. So much is riding on getting this degree.”

“Success is not measured in degrees. Success is the degree to which we use our talents to improve the lives of others. You are an inspiration to everyone who meets you.”

“Thanks Stuart. I’ll try to remember that when things get tough. If we head back now, we can eat lunch at Table for Two. Today’s sandwich special is six degrees of separation.”

[i] T-Squared – In astrological charts the t-square configuration is a dynamic pattern that links and inter-locks energies. It can be seen in the major events, challenges, and themes that are encountered in life.



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