Table for Two – Chapter 10

Table for Two – Chapter 10

T-Squared Energy Connections[i]

December 31, 1972 –  Cheers!

Sadie and Lucy Abrams, owners of Table for Two, invited a few close friends to the restaurant for a special New Year’s Eve dinner. So much changed in the six and a half years since opening, they wanted to share their success with important people in their lives.

Carol, the restaurant manager, decorated with teal and silver balls, natural greenery, and gold votive candle holders. White place settings and clear stemware kept the tables simple.

Guests arrived to find an opening in the wall to the shop next door, doubling the square footage of Table for Two. A local radio station piped through the sound system, counting down the top 100 songs of the year.[ii] A self-serve bar complemented by appetizers spread across the counter.


When it was time for dinner, Daniel Abrams stood behind his chair, glass raised, calling the guests to the table.

“I want to thank my twin daughters, Sadie and Lucy, I am proud of the women you’ve become. Growing up without a mother was difficult. I can say with certainty, your mother would be as proud of you as I am.”

“In the past six years, you managed to graduate from college, find jobs, keep Table for Two afloat, repay the start-up loan, and stay out of trouble.”

Daniel laughed, “Some people say twins are double trouble, not these two. Our first toast of the evening: To Sadie and Lucy, two of the smartest, kindest, most energetic, and loving daughters a man can ask for.”

“Sadie asked that we go around the table, each sharing a toast, news, or whatever is on our mind. I’ll start.”

“Being a risk-taker, I invested in horse owned by a family friend, Penny Tweedy. Penny believes Secretariat will be the next triple crown winner. I hope she is right. Please raise your glasses to Secretariat.”

“Jerry, you’re next. Anything to share?”

“We were all saddened last month by the death of our State Representative Harvey Clayton. The Governor called for an election to fill the vacancy and I decided to run. As much as I love being Mayor of Hartsburg, I want to play a larger role in the future of our state. Stop by my new office to volunteer. Any time you can give will be appreciated. And please vote. I guess your next, Gladys.”

“My news involves Jerry too. It’s no secret, we’ve been trying to have a baby. After two unsuccessful pregnancies, my doctor doubts I will be able to carry a baby full-term. We started the adoption process six months ago. No news yet, but the agency accepted our application and will begin sharing our profile next month. I want to toast Jerry. His love and support helped me deal with loss and give me hope for the future. To Jerry, the best partner I could have found.”

Daniel nodded to Irma, “You’re next.”

“Two things. I am applying for early retirement. Can’t wait. More important, I will be taking on a new job as the Nanny when Gladys and Jerry’s baby arrives. In the meantime, I will be volunteering for Jerry’s election campaign. Stop by. I’m sure we will find a job with your name on it.”

Irma looked each dinner guest in the eye. “Remember, I know how to find you. Better you come in on your own to volunteer.”

Irma turned to her left, “What’s going on with you Stuart?”

“My life is boring compared to the rest of you. Still in grad school at the University of Michigan. No, I haven’t learned to ski. No, I don’t have a girlfriend. Girls require time and money. Both are in short supply. My life is all about studying, labs, and the library. It’s good to be here. Cheers everyone!”

All eyes looked to Sara.

“I love my job at the Equine Assisted Therapy Center on Gull Lake. Stuart is only a few hours away; I thought we would get together more often. Both of us are super busy, so that hasn’t worked out. I am not used to the cold yet and winter is only beginning. I miss being in Hartsburg, but am learning lots to help me open my own center someday. I’m happy to be home for the holidays and sharing tonight with all of you.”

“I’m Dean, for those of you I haven’t met. Thanks Carol for inviting me to share New Year’s Eve. I’m passing through Hartsburg. From here I’m going home to Florida where I enrolled in Central Florida Community College. I’m not sure what I’ll major in, but I have plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with my life. Like Sadie and Lucy, I am a twin. My brother Dylan was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. His helo was shot down. No one survived. I would like to toast Dylan, Tom, all soldiers, and veterans who serve or served in Vietnam and all previous wars. To Dylan and Tom.”

Tom held up his glass. “I’ll make this short and sweet. I made an appointment with Dean’s father to find out about making this left arm of mine useful again. To Dean, and all those who pass through Hartsburg making wishes come true.”

“Carol, what’s new with you?” Daniel winked at Carol.

“As regulars to the restaurant, you tried new menu items from time to time.  Some were better than others.  Thanks for your feedback. I graduated from culinary school this month and am starting a new job as head chef for a local restaurant. I’ll tell you more when I can talk about the details.”

“Congratulations Carol. Does anyone need a refill before we finish?” Daniel asked, looking around the table.

Lucy stood. “I am going to let Sadie address the elephant in the room, the hole in the wall. As for me, spending tonight with special friends warms my heart. I received a promotion and am moving to France next month. I will miss you all. Once I’m settled, please come visit. À votre santé! That’s French for cheers.”

“Last, but not least, Sadie will you address the elephant?”

“Sure dad. Hello elephant!” Sadie gestured toward the opening in the wall. “Seriously, Table for Two has done well. We signed a lease on the shop next door to expand the restaurant. We are adding new items to our lunch menu and will open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. The new space will also be available for parties and special events. We promoted Carol to head chef. Congratulations Carol. The name of the restaurant will stay Table for Two, but the addition will be called T-Squared. ”

I guess it’s back to me, Daniel added.  “Join me in a toast to the future, a toast to the past, and a toast to our friends, far and near. May the future be pleasant, the past a bright dream. May our friends remain faithful and dear.  Cheers everyone!”


[i] T-Squared – In astrological charts the t-square configuration is a dynamic pattern that links and inter-locks energies. It can be seen in the major events, challenges, and themes that are encountered in life.

[ii] For a trip down memory lane, check out the  Top 100 Songs of 1972.


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