Small Stuff

small stuff 2

Currently I work in the deli of a large grocery store, not my dream job, but it serves the purpose for now.  The store is going through a major renovation that involves relocating the deli.  After lots of preparation and migrating of merchandise, the move would take place over night.

On the last day in the old location, we stopped baking and frying chicken a couple of hours earlier than usual.  Items that had been in one location were moved to the “other side” of the temporary wall.  I’m sure there are many stories of upset customers not finding what they wanted.  Here are two I know of.

small stuff 1

Customer number one wanted her oven-roasted savory chicken.  Normally they are made fresh every two hours, every day between nine and five.  We stopped early and were sold out by the time she arrived.  Nothing would make her happy.  A “Manager” had to be called.  I’m sure he did something to appease her.  But seriously, the dark meat of those same chickens is sold as leg quarters and the breasts are cut up and sold as pulled chicken.  If savory chicken is you what you came in for, we most certainly had chicken available.  And it’s a huge store.  There are literally thousands of alternatives if you are open to the possibilities and willing to think outside the chicken coop.

Customer number two wanted a very specific mustard dipping sauce.  When a deli clerk explained to the man that it had been relocated to the “other side” he copped an attitude and said in a very snarky way, “You mean I can’t have it.”  I had been cleaning the new area all day.  I did not know exactly where his brand of mustard dipping sauce was, but offered to look for it.  Fortunately, I found it and received a “your awesome” from the customer.  I never knew awesome was so easy to achieve.

Both incidents reminded me that life is made of lots of small stuff, most of which is not worth getting your knickers in a knot.  I hope that I never get caught up in the small stuff but am fearless and open to the possibilities if things do not go as planned.

small stuff 3


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