According to the calendar, Spring has arrived.
According to the thermostat, Spring is evolving.
Slowly, daily low and high temperatures increase.
Slowly, shed heavy coats, scarves, hats, gloves.

According to the scale, thirty plus pounds down.
According to my goal, twenty more pounds to go, plus or minus.
Slowly, pounds shed.
Slowly, size markers on clothes drop.

shedding 3

According to the dozens of empty hangers, wardrobe options shrink.
According to the number of wardrobe options, loads of laundry increase.
Slowly, shed unwearable clothes.
Slowly, donate bags of clothes to a local charity.

Slowly shedding old habits,
Slowly shedding protective layers,
Slowly unbecoming,
Slowly evolving.

shedding 1


9 thoughts on “Shedding

    1. Thanks. Weight Watchers for the umpteenth time. This time I think I finally got it. It has been 15.5 months – enough time to change habits. By the time the next 20 come off – for sure I will have new habits.

  1. I like this post “Shedding”. I feel like I am shedding at this stage in my life as well. And like my old corgi Heidi sometimes it’s not a smooth process – clumps hang on and I look disheveled. I need to “brush” myself.

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