The Rocker


If it could talk, the rocker would share stories about how it soothed babies to sleep as they nestled in their mother’s arms.  It would describe grandfathers nodding off in the middle of a conversation.  It wouldn’t talk about the seventeen trips in moving vans, the six different states it lived in, the year it spent in storage or the five times it was nearly left behind or sold.  The rocker took comfort in knowing that in over eighty years it had only two owners.  Now it was looking for a third, an opportunity to create another generation of memories.

Tucked in the corner of a consignment shop, the curves of the wooden rocker beckoned to Samantha; a soft glow created an aura around it.  Samantha was looking for a sturdy chair that would last her a lifetime.  Made of maple and crafted by a master carpenter, the rocker held its form with a straight back and strong joints.

Samantha slid into the curved seat and closed her eyes.  The gentle rocking motion transported her back in time flooding her consciousness with the memories of those who had filled this seat before her.  The comfort of the rocker surrounded her like a warm blanket.

As she continued to rock back and forth, Samantha was given a peek at the future, rocking her babies to sleep and reading to her grandchildren with her soulmate at her side.

Samantha opened her eyes to see a face from her future standing before her.  Kevin, the owner of the shop, asked, “Are you interested in buying the rocker?  Others have tried it out but it didn’t light up till you walked in. We’ve been waiting for you.”



8 thoughts on “The Rocker

  1. I love this story about the rocker. I have a rocker that my mother gave me after I had my first child and I look at it sometimes and think if it could only talk!

  2. I love your story about the rocker. We (Chauncey and I) had a very similar rocker which came from Chauncey’s family and probably had a history. I cannot remember if it went to one of his daughters or was left with the new owner of 9095 W Forest View Drive. By the way, I met them. They seemed very happy with their new home. By the way, if you ever feel like a stay in England you are always welcome here. My address is 7 Garden Close,
    St.Albans, AL1 4TX, and my tel. numbers are (00)1727 760707, or 00 7835831920, in case you did not have that info. By the way, St. Albans is an old Roman city (then called Verulamium) and very close to London with good public transport. Love Ingrid

  3. Dear MarySue, I loved your Rocker story. Tried to comment but, alas, I don’t think it worked. Come and see me. Love Ingrid


    1. Hello Ingrid,

      I did receive your comment. I would love to visit someday. Right now I am living in Michigan and working 2 part-time jobs. I still have the condo. It is empty for now. Thanks for reading my blog. Mary Sue

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