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Business Casual Attire Is Not a Fashion Statement

I started a temporary job this week at a call center for Kentucky’s version of the Affordable Care Act.  “Business casual attire” was stated on various documents and in several places.  I was stunned at what I saw on my fellow trainees.  What exactly is business casual?

This advice from Virginia Tech for its students says it concisely.  “Business casual is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. It should not look like cocktail or party or picnic attire. Avoid tight or baggy clothing; business casual is classic rather than trendy.” http://www.career.vt.edu/JobSearchGuide/BusinessCasualAttire.html

A handful of people dressed appropriately.  Here is what some people wore to class.  Leggings with short sweaters showing us way more than we need to know about anyone let alone our co-workers.  Hoodies may be casual but not so much business casual unless you are a sports coach or gang leader.

Denim, lots of denim.  Most people sporting denim had on nicer jeans that would work well in a social setting, appropriate for casual Friday/Saturday but not business casual days.  One young woman’s jeans had those tears across them creating a shredded look.  What sort of business she thought she was going to work for escapes me.  If you would like to create this look for yourself here is a link that will walk you through it step-by-step.  http://www.parkandcube.com/diy-shredded-jeans/

shredded jeans

I can’t wait to see what people wear to training today.