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The Three R’s

The Three R’s

Reflect, Renew, Reinvent – that was the theme for the year. Renewal and reinvention have begun but are still in the works. I need more time for those.  My annual holiday letter is a summary of 2014 with some reflection built in.  If you received a holiday card and letter, this will be redundant.  If not, you may find the following post amusing.

2014 – All the World’s a Stage

This year has been like a variety show with me playing every role.  Along the way I have tried for some self-awareness.  The following is a summary of the various roles I took on and a self-assessment.

Shipping and receiving clerk for Pickett Brass – it turns out I’m not so good at this.  Too much detail for my big-picture brain.  I had to fire myself before things went from bad to worse.


Call center operator enrolling Kentuckians in affordable healthcare plans – I responded to incoming calls, talked to people, filled out a lot of on-line forms.  I was really good at this, on my way to winning customer service awards, but had to cut it short to be a host mom.

call center

Host mom for a teen female exchange student.  Not so sure I was any good at this.  I honed my in-town driving skills and found short cuts getting her to school and swim practice every day.  It was challenging to watch her develop an eating disorder and not have the authority to do anything about it.

Training design and development is something I’ve been doing for so long I ought to be good at it by now.  I would be well-served if I updated my skills to be able to design e-learning modules.  Still not ready to take the plunge.  Is it denial, avoidance or procrastination?

Tour guide and visitor to local attractions in Kentucky, Washington, D.C., New York City and Hendersonville, NC.  Hopefully I was a good guest and guide.


Author of a self-published book:  Your Holiday Coach.  I gave away more copies than I will ever sell.  I am just happy to check it off my bucket list.  I am also creating the first draft of a novel in November, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Not sure if anyone will ever read it but me, and I’m not ready to reveal the story line.

YHC Kindle Cover

Student in yoga teacher certification course, a twelve month commitment starting Oct. 2014.  This is not my first teacher training.  I went through this in 1999 and eventually wrote the training manual.   I also attended Yoga for Kids teacher training.  I like to learn but I am usually an impatient student.  That probably comes from being a training designer.  Bad training makes me cranky.  So far, so good.  I was a pretty good yoga teacher at one time.  I’m not sure I will teach again.  But if I do, I should be awesome.

Blogger and social media novice.  I am navigating my way through cyberspace as a marketing strategy for my current book and any future books.  I suspect I am not so good at this.  But I will keep plugging away, attend webinars, workshops and on-line courses and hope to get better.   I now have Twitter and Goodreads accounts, multiple Facebook pages, and several blog sites.

See you in the funny papers!

Happy Holidays!


One Ringy Dingy

We have all been on the customer side of a call center interaction.  Twice now I have been on the operator side.  In 1988 I took orders for Home Shopping Network (HSN) for about six weeks.  HSN was fairly new as was the technology.  Back then shoppers could only purchase an item while it was being sold on their TV screen.  Once the host moved on to a new product, the last one was no longer available for sale on our computers.  Imagine what it was like to covet an item, call in, wait on hold, finally get through to an operator then learn the item was not available.  That is no longer the case.  They figured out how to capture those lost sales.


My most recent role as an operator lasted only two weeks.  After one week of training; I took calls from Kentucky citizens applying for healthcare insurance over the phone.  I enjoyed helping people find a plan they can afford.  Callers may have been on hold for hours, or called several times before, or tried to apply on line.  The least I could do was make the process as pain free as possible.  I managed to score an acceptable number on my quality screening and kudos from veteran operators.  My strategy was to talk to the caller as if we were friends, explain what I was doing during the process and have fun along the way, all while following the script.

I never intended to stay past the ten week assignment but unforeseen circumstances made it necessary to hand in my resignation early.  More about that in another post, but it is all good.

The next time you have to call into a customer service center, keep in mind the person taking your call is just trying to do their job, has a script to follow and may be scored on how they handled your conversation.

“One ringy dingy…”