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In Spite of Fear

courage 1

Travel back to 1967 – 1971 with me, if you will.

It’s half-time at the state basketball finals.  The score is tied and the crowd is going crazy.  Eight cheerleaders are lined-up at one corner of the court.  The mini-trampoline is set-up about three-fourths of the way to the opposite corner.

One-by-one, each girl takes a running start at the trampoline, hits the center of a 38-inch circle on springs, flies into the air, performs a trick, lands on her feet and runs off the court before the next person lands on her head.  And the crowd goes wild!

courage 3

Now who thought this was a good idea?

I loved being a cheerleader.  I hated/feared that trampoline.  Every practice and every game was the same.  Shut out the crowd, the sounds, the butterflies in my belly.  Eye-ball the distance to the trampoline, start off on the right (correct) foot, aim for the center of the circle, stay balanced in air, do something, and stick the landing.   Oh ya, smile like you mean it.


For me, this was truly acting in spite of my fears.  The only trick I ever attempted in mid-air was the toe touch.  See the photo below, which is clearly not me; she looks happy.  The school colors are right though.

courage 2

What do you fear?  How do you act in spite of your fears?