About Me and This Site

I use this site to house a variety of posts, categorized by the tabs in the menu at the top of the blog.:  

  • Flash Fiction, my genre or writing style.  Stories tend to be vignettes or memoir-like.  Much is left to the reader’s imagination.  That is the nature of flash fiction – a story in less than 1,000 words.
  • Musings, a little of self-reflection, observations, and random thoughts.
  • Table for Two, a series of Flash Fiction stories that relate to one-another.  The setting is a restaurant, on Main Street, in a small town.  The story begins in 1966 and follows a cast of characters through time.  When appropriate, historical events are folded into the story-line.
  • Fearlessness.  Some posts are based on personal experiences.  Others are topics I felt compelled to write about.
  • Ryan and Me is a collaborative effort with a great-nephew.
  • Botswana is about my time in the Peace Corps.

Originally from Michigan, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a BS in English.  I moved around for a while and lived in Indiana, New Jersey, and New York City before settling in Florida for 24 years.  Once there I kept moving but spent most of my time on the gulf-side of the state.  I also returned to school and received an MA in Adult and Community Education from the University of South Florida.

I’ve worked as a training designer and developer in retail, banking, and healthcare.  Eventually, I became a consultant and continued doing the same work with many Fortune 500 companies.  For a time, in the middle of my consulting years, I managed a yoga center and taught yoga for seniors and special needs children.  Then it was time to return to Michigan to care for my parents.  After they both passed on, I stayed in Michigan and worked for a non-profit as Community Development Manager.  That was followed by the Peace Corps, which is where this blog site started.

I hope you enjoy this site!