About Me and This Site

About Me and This Site

Currently, I live in my hometown, Saginaw, Michigan and maintain a residence in Homosassa, FL.  

During 2018 I will use this site to house a variety of posts, categorized by the tabs in the menu at the top of the blog.:  

  • Flash Fiction, my genre or writing style.  Stories tend to be vignettes or memoir-like.  Much is left to the reader’s imagination.  That is the nature of flash fiction – a story in less than 1,000 words.
  • Musings, a little of self-reflection, observations, and random thoughts.
  • Table for Two, a series of Flash Fiction stories that relate to one-another.  The setting is a restaurant, on Main Street, in a small town.  The story begins in 1966 and follows a cast of characters through time.  When appropriate, historical events are folded into the story-line.
  • Fearlessness.  Some posts are based on personal experiences.  Others are topics I felt compelled to write about.

Originally from Michigan, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a BS in English.  I moved around for a while and lived in Indiana, New Jersey, and New York City before settling in Florida for 24 years.  Once there I kept moving but spent most of my time on the gulf-side of the state.  I also returned to school and received an MA in Adult and Community Education from the University of South Florida.

I’ve worked as a training designer and developer in retail, banking, and healthcare.  Eventually, I became a consultant and continued doing the same work with many Fortune 500 companies.  For a time, in the middle of my consulting years, I managed a yoga center and taught yoga for seniors and special needs children.  Then it was time to return to Michigan to care for my parents.  After they both passed on, I stayed in Michigan and worked for a non-profit as Community Development Manager.  That was followed by the Peace Corps, which is where this blog site started.  My Botswana posts are currently hidden from the public.  But if you really want to read them, I can open them up to the public.

In 2018 I find myself in Michigan, working part-time for another non-profit.